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Baker Tilly Digital combines digital strategies, innovative thinking and technology, we can help you unlock the true potential of your organization through cyber security, digital forensics and digital transformation. We provide your organization the opportunity to become more efficient, transparent and insightful so you can deliver a more meaningful relationship with your next generation of customers. We help our clients derive value from data through analytics and technology; we understand each client journey is unique.


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Our goal for Cybersecurity is to ensuring your systems are secure, available and functional is vital to protect your business and your customers. With high dependence on computers, cybersecurity is now a fundamental risk management need. We offer a wide range of services: •Red teaming •blue teaming •gamefication, •Penetration testing •Vulnerability management •Continuous monitoring •Security hardening • Off the shelf and customized tools •Training (CEH, CHFI, CISA, CISSP, OSCP, Security+, CISM,ITIL, COBIT, PECB – ISO certifications) and CyberSAFE- cyber security awareness for everyone. We have options for once off contracts, subscriptions, retainer and prepayments for all our services. We use the same tools and methodologies used by criminals, but we work for you, they don’t. So get ahead of them

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We help you to proactively plan for when an attack happens and strategize how to continue business operations. We offer: Attack simulations and reverse engineering • Computer forensics • Mobile forensics • Email forensic • Voice and image forensics •Incident Analysis & investigation. Our key Features for digital forensic and Incident response: – investigators on call 24x7x365. -Initial telephone response triage within three hours. – An investigator on site within 24hrs. – Ability to work either in conjunction with your teams or take over the whole incident investigation. – Expert witnesses available for court proceedings. – Assistance with public relations, crisis communication and law enforcement.


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IoT. Data analytics. Ai. Blockchain

We partner with you to provide your organization the opportunity to become more efficient, transparent and insightful so you can deliver a more meaningful relationship with your next generation of customers. We help our you derive value from data through analytics and technology; we understand each client journey is unique. We use digital transformation to improve processes and productivity, deliver better customer and employee experiences, manage business risk, and control costs. Digital transformation represents myriad tools, solutions, and processes. An effective strategy is one that’s customized for each unique organization. Our core technologies are: Internet of things, blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data and 3D printing.


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It is designed to ensure the wrong people cannot gain access to sensitive information while ensuring the right people can access it. Access to information must be restricted only to those who are authorized to view the required data. Data can be categorized according to the type and severity of damage that could happen to it should it fall into unauthorized hands. According to these categories, strict measures can then be implemented. Protecting confidentiality may also include special training for those who share sensitive data, including familiarizing authorized users with security risk factors and teaching them how to guard vulnerable data assets.



We provide assurance for your data and systems confidentiality. Confidentiality is the security principle that controls access to information, resources and systems.

Sensitive data should not be altered in transit, and security measures, such as file permissions and user access controls, should be taken to make sure that it cannot be modified by unauthorized users. In addition, version control should be used to prevent unintentional changes and deletions from authorized users from becoming a problem. Other measures should also be taken to detect data changes that might occur due to a non-human-caused event, such as a server crash or an environmental failure.



We provide assurance of your data and systems integrity. This assures the sensitive data & systems are trustworthy, consistent and accurate.

It is best guaranteed by properly maintaining all hardware and software necessary to ensure the availability of sensitive data. It’s also important to keep up with system upgrades. Providing adequate communication throughput and preventing bottleneck helps as well. Redundancy, failover, RAID, and clustering are important measures that should be considered to avoid serious availability problems.



We provide systems and data availability assurance. Availability is the guarantee of reliable and constant access to your systems and data by authorized people.

1. People

While companies are rightly increasing their focus on external threats, the root cause of many cyber breaches is human behavior. Employee curiosity, carelessness, urgency, or purely their susceptibility to attacks, are often the weakest links in a company’s cyber security. We provide capacity development, awareness and training to strengthen your weakest link.

2. Processes

Baker Till Digital provides assurance for your processes & procedures through a mix of administrative, engineering and behavioral activities focused on preventing undesired breaches and unexpected events that may have a negative impact to a given process. We help you ensure that every process reaches success while being implemented under preset requirements and specification.

3. Platforms & Programs

We provide off the shelf, customised and bespoke application, platforms and programs to secure you organisation and make it more efficient. Our team of system architects and software engineers can help you improve you bottom line.  We help our clients derive value from data through data analytics and technology; we understand each client journey is unique.


Holistic Cybersecurity Program

Baker Tilly Digital integrates industry standards and best practices to help you manage your cybersecurity and technology risks. We provide a common language that allows your team, at all levels within an organization—and at all points in a supply chain—to develop a shared understanding of their cybersecurity risks. We do not only help you understand your cybersecurity risks (threats, vulnerabilities and impacts), but how to reduce these risks with customized measures. We also helps you respond to and recover from cybersecurity incidents through analyzing root causes and consider how you can make improvements.

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